This Sweater Is Ugly!!!

My friend’s grandmother is so dumb, she tried to knit a sweater with a record needle.

I know some of you younger folks are saying “What the heck is a record needle?” Those of you who are audiophiles who love the pure sound of vinyl know exactly what I’m talking about. Actually, they are known as a stylus. I know that you young people think a stylus is used on a large cell phone or computer tablet, but it’s not. Well, it is but its not the kind I’m talking about… Oh forget it. I’ve just confused myself.

Back in the 70’s there were no CDs, no mp3 players, which kind of makes sense because there weren’t any mp3 formatted songs. 8 tracks were still popular, although cassette tapes were the big new item on the scene. Although were poke fun at 8 tracks today, they really provided excellent sound quality, Plus they were big enough to really nail someone in the head if you needed to.

Reel to reel also provided great sound quality, but the machines were so bulky and expensive that most people didn’t want or couldn’t afford them. They were mostly used in commercial radio stations. Even in the early nineties, as a DJ, I would have to manually splice the reel to reel tapes with a gizmo to hold the tape in place while you cut it with a razor blade and then taped it back together very quickly.

I was so happy when the digital age hit radio. It made things so much easier so you could actually focus on the content of the show instead of being so robotic. Splice the tape, load the CDs and read what was written on the little blue cards. That was the job unless you were doing talk radio.

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2 thoughts on “This Sweater Is Ugly!!!

  1. Ahhh, this really takes me back. Recording songs off of radio, cutting up tapes and splicing them with cellotape.
    Vinyl is taking off again in the UK. My daughter works in a record store and has fine collection, you can even get ‘classic’ albums in supermarkets.
    Good trip back to the Old Days.

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