I Have What????

What do you give to the man who has everything? Simple. Penicillin.

Its kind of like the joke where a man goes to the doctor, not feeling well. After tests the doctor told the man that he had so many illnesses that he needed to be quarantined and fed a steady diet of pizza. “You mean pizza will cure me”? “Of course not”, the doctor said. “It’s the only thing that will fit under the door”.

Its just difficult to buy for some people. Some really don’t need or want anything. My friend, Annette Gonzalez, is one of those people. She has made it clear that she has all she needs or wants, in terms of things. She would rather spend time with friends and loved ones.

I really like that outlook, and I feel the same way. I can’t think of a single item, outside of a few basic clothing items, that I want. Nothing. Talking to my children, grandchildren, mother and siblings and dinner with friends and loved ones is all I need. Oh, and a Lamborghini.

How about creating something the person loves? Many times, people love the fact that you went to the trouble of creating something just for them. That’s a gift that will warm the heart and, unless it’s butt ugly, will be cherished forever.

Let’s face it, if you make something that resembles the ashtray that you made in second grade, best to hang on to it. My mother is someone who is easy to buy for. She appreciates the thought. It took me a couple of years, (I’m a little slow), to understand that she can’t enjoy Hickory Farms baskets, due to dietary restrictions

So, I sent something different that I know will make her feel special. It doesn’t take much. She lives too far away to go there, so something she can hang on the wall that says, “Only the best grandmas get promoted to Nana”. She loves that kind of stuff. There were times when we couldn’t send anything, but called, and that was enough for me. I feel the same way.

I don’t get too hung up on the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love the time spent with wonderful people, but a long time ago, just having been divorced, I was invited for Christmas breakfast and gift giving at my in-laws home, which was very gracious of them, but then left to spend the rest of the day alone.

Don’t feel sorry for me. My point is that I was able to spend the morning with people that I love and I’m still a part of the family to this day. So, I stopped by a gas station and bought a sandwich for Christmas dinner and spent the remainder of the day by myself, watching football and movies. And I was fine. I didn’t sit around feeling sorry for myself.

One of these years we’ll be heading to Georgia to spend time with our children and grandchildren along with our extended family. On Christmas, we’ll invite friends and loved ones, and especially those who have no where to go. That, to me, is the best part of the season, although I also think it should be a year round effort.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, a new pizza just came under the door and I’m famished.

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