I’m Shrinking!!!

I started a new diet based on foods with lots of garlic. I haven’t really lost weight but I look thinner from a distance. 

I love garlic on nearly everything. Even ice cream. Yes, ice cream. Are you aware there is a garlic flavored I’ve cream? I’ve had it in a restaurant and loved it. What kind of restaurant would dare serve garlic ice cream? A place called “The Stinking Rose”. I’m not kidding. 

Click here to check them out.

See? I’ll bet you thought I was kidding, didn’t you? There’s one in Beverly Hills and one in San Francisco. I went to the one in Beverly Hills. Every single item was loaded with garlic. Awesome. 

Garlic is very healthy. There are other great attributes of garlic. It keeps vampires away and other than a large blood draw at my doctor’s office this morning, I’ve seen no evidence of vampire activity at all. I attribute this wonderful side effect to garlic. 

Are there really vampires? What if they are the phlebotomists that take a lot of blood every day? That would be bad because people won’t get accurate results. Some might be identified as vampires because of cross contamination. I think those people should be exported to Transylvania.

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