How Dare You!!!

My Granddaughter Katie was getting her hair styled for Easter. The stylist said, “So who’s coming to your house with big ears and big floppy feet?” Katie said, “It must be my Grandpa Jerry.”

I think I mentioned before that I really never liked Easter when I was a kid. The smell of vinegar while coloring the eggs was enough to make me gag. It was all too messy. Plus I was too impatient to be any good at it. I kind of liked the first few minutes of the egg hunt but once the obvious eggs were found, I didn’t feel like scavenging for hard boiled eggs, which I also despised. 

But now, Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. In fact I’m all in from Good Friday through Sunday. There were wonderful miracles and the progression of horrific events are very difficult to read about or watch, but I believe that Jesus did them willingly to save us from our sins so He could spend eternity with us. 

I know many people believe differently because we all get to choose what we believe and practice. My son Eric is the pastor of a church in Mississippi and he preached a sermon last year which had a huge impact on me. Ascension Day, which is the 40th day of Easter is a day all Christians should celebrate. Without his ascension, all of the other things He did were pointless. 

So I will be celebrating Easter with no eggs or giant rabbit. I don’t begrudge anyone who does, it’s just my choice to forego the rituals and focus entirely on Jesus. Does that make me better than anyone else? Not in any way, shape or form.

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