Seriously?? A Logger???

I am logged in, therefore I am

Everyone is electronically logged into something. At work, we have to log on to our computer. If you use a smart phone, you must, at the minimum be logged into the operating system used by the carrier.

Iphones, Ipads, Kindle, Bluetooth, Netflix, Hulu, email – you name it, we’re logged into it every day. I think the only way to avoid the log in, is to live as a hermit somewhere in the mountains. Even if you only have a home phone, you’re still logged in.

It’s very difficult to avoid the log in trap. Big brother is able to watch, listen and know your every move if they want. To me, that’s not a bad thing. After 9-11, I am willing to be watched, listened to and have my every move tracked. Some people feel just the opposite and I get their perspective. 

They hate the notion, saying that it violates their rights. Yes, but it also violates the rights of those who live in our country and want to do more harm by killing masses again. I think it’s a pretty good tradeoff, which means I should probably stay away from some freeman states.

I can remember the good old days, when the the only thing we were logged into were our tin can string telephones and an etch-a-scetch.

I like the fact that electronic devices can help track terrorist cells, pedophiles, gun trafficking, human trafficking, just to name a few. Oh, and just a tid bit of info, our high school mascot was a logger. The Eureka High Loggers. I was doomed from the start.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear a strange, almost inaudible high pitched sound on my phone, and I need to get in touch with Liam Neeson right away.
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2 thoughts on “Seriously?? A Logger???

  1. I just love the folk who huff and puff about governments ‘watching them’ (like the govt cared!…I never did), while they cheerfully click the ‘I Agree’ box to any commercial gubbinz they come across on the Net.

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