You Bought What????

My wife loves to shop and she’s very frugal. Normally she only buys items that are “marked down”. Yesterday she bought an elevator. 

So many people will buy just about anything that is on sale. Seriously. That’s why there are organizations like “Shoppers Anonymous”. It might be overspenders, but you get there idea. It just doesn’t work. People who spend too much money actually think they’re saving money by buying needless items because they’re on sale. 

If it’s something that you’ve been saving for, like a car, a house, an appliance, etc., I can see that. But I’m talking about most anything on clearance. I do know people who make a pretty decent living buying clearance items and then selling them on websites at full price. At least they’re making a profit.

But when your spouse or partner starts bringing stuff home that you don’t need, you might have a hoarder on your hands. That can get ugly in a hurry. That’s why most hoarders are single. They refuse to get help and their significant other can’t stand it anymore. This may trigger more spending on useless items. 

I’ve only been in one hoarder’s home and it was disgusting. Newspapers and other things stacked to the ceiling everywhere. There were pathways that led to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom but that  was it. Even the bed was covered with junk, with just enough room for him to sleep. It was incredible. I felt sorry for the guy because it is an illness. 

If I was a hoarder, I think I would hoard money. You can’t go wrong there. No one robs a hoarder’s house. You never hear about it. It just doesn’t happen. I would still be a hoarder but I would be rich. We always read about people who live as paupers but millions are found in or under their mattress. 

I think I dated a hoarder once. You would never be able to tell by the way she dressed. She was impecable from every outside aspect, but there’s were some clues. She had no problem coming to my house, but each time I tried to come to her place she would tell me there were magazines everywhere. It might have been a ruse except for one of thing. She had a new microwave oven in the trunk of her car for more than a year. 

Each time someone offered to carry it upstairs for her, she turned them down because she didn’t want them to see her place. At least it is my opinion that she was a hoarder. I don’t know for sure because we didn’t date very long.

How about hoarding property? That would be a good thing. You’d still be a hoarder, but again you’d be rich.

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