I’m Upside Down!!!

I sent a package last Christmas season. The clerk said it will be $42.50 for the fastest delivery and $31.56 for the slower delivery. I sarcastically said, ” As long as it gets there in my lifetime.” He said, “That’ll be $42.50.”

Its very hard to understand the rules for postal rates. The clerks seem to be nicer these days – and funny. A friend of mine went to the post office to mail a very important document. The clerk handed her the stamps and my friend said, “Oh, do I put these on myself?” The clerk said, “Well, it will probably get there faster if you put them on the letter.” Very funny.

Did you know that it used to be illegal in the UK for someone to put a stamp on upside down? It’s no longer illegal, but according to my friend Roger, it is considered disrespectful and rude. Why? Because the stamps all have a picture of the Queen on them.

According to Roger, “The Treason Felony Act 1848 makes

It is an offence to do any act with theintention of deposing the monarch, but it seems unlikely that placing a stamp upside down fulfils this criterion. 

The Act itself certainly does not refer to stamps. According to the Royal Mail, it is perfectly acceptable to place a stamp upside down.

However: I can state from personal experience it is considered disrespectful or one of those odd things some folk do as a sign of rebellion.”


Maybe it makes her dizzy. I don’t know, but I prefer that kind of rebellion instead of burning the flag, cars, stores, etc. I wonder if you must ensure all paper money is right side up as well. That might be considered an act of treason because it’s hidden in your wallet. I would never have that problem because I’m a married man and I don’t have any money on my person- ever! 

I just know that the investment of $.49 is very little to pay for your letter to be carried around for weeks at a time. 

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3 thoughts on “I’m Upside Down!!!

  1. Hahaha.
    Thank for the mention Jerry!
    I liked those replies from the post clerks too.
    As regards our money; probably on safe ground there because it never stays in the pocket or a wallet long enough for anyone to notice.
    The only time you have to be careful is if you are fortunate enough to be paying some money into your account via a paying in machine; the machines insist they must see Her Majesty’s Head and the right way up too! Thus do British machines maintain the honour of ‘Her Maj’

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