I was cooking dinner and the smoke alarm went off. I went to find my kids and they were washing their hands. I said, “Didn’t you hear that noise?” My daughter said, “Yes. It was the smoke detector. It means dinner is ready.”

Well what should I expect from a comedian’s kids? All of my kids are very funny. They make make me laugh hard – a lot. I love that. Sometimes, you just need a good gut laugh. It does wonders for the soul. 

Two of my children, Eric and Sarah
The grandkids are hilarious too. Everytime a dialogue is posted, it’s always very funny. I love all of my kids And grandkids, as we all do. In fact, so many grandparents love to brag about how smart their grandchildren are, and why not? We’re all so proud of them. 

Mississippi grandkids
Georgia grandkids
As they get older we really see what they’re made of. Some remain sharp as a tack while others’ needle has become dull. Some just get bored with school because it’s too easy while others study their brains out to no avail. It happens. In fact, it happened to me. The difference is that when we moved away from Montana, other than the letters we wrote to each other, there wasn’t much contac with my grandmother either. 

My other grandma never once asked me about my grades. No biggie. It wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. I was one of the kids who was either bored with school or dumb as a sack of hammers. I don’t know which it was and it really didn’t matter. My grades were pretty lousy from seventh grade on through high school. 

I remember bringing one text book home from school in junior high and I swear I still have it. I did well on tests but I didn’t care to do the homework assignments. When I got home it was time to play baseball or football. Nothing else mattered. Homework? Are you kidding me? I just didn’t care. I loved the kids I knew and making them laugh. That was most important to me.

And of course there was a special girl that drew me to the campus each day. Things didn’t work out, but it was nice to hang out during parts of the day. Look, some kids are smart and some are not. Some are cute and some are not. They all deserve love and affection. It shapes their future. 

My daughter, Cecilee
Let’s treat or kids, nieces and nephews well and give them lots of positive affirmations. We may be very surprised with the result! 

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