I’m Crazy!!!

In Hampton, Florida, revenue collected from unsuspecting motorists over the years was used to purchased cigarettes, beer, and even combat gear for city officials. Also, the mayor’s arrest for allegedly attempting to sell an oxycodone pill to an undercover officer.

The town has a population of only 500, so how could the mayor not know his own police department, who is responsible to him? Are we sure this isn’t embattled mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford? The happiest politician that all of the nastiness addressed about our problems. 

Combat gear? Are you kidding me? Are they really concerned that an attack was imminent? And by whom, the federal government? Seriously? Something tells me that they thought they could do what ever they wanted because they were so far under the radar. Who would notice?
Who noticed? The feds. I guess their worst nightmare came true. After an audit was conducted, there were so many discrepancies that they had to shut it down. I don’t know happened to this little town, but I suspect it will be going away.

In our state of Utah, we have issues that are just insane. We have what is called “The Zion Curtain”, which is a law that any Restaraunt who sells alcohol must pour the beer or whatever behind a barrier so that children can’t see it being poured.

The thought is that if children see a drink poured, they are more likely to become alcoholics. How crazy is that? The parents can be served at the table, but just can’t see it poured. Really? The Zion curtain is going to stop teenagers from trying beer?
There has been legislation to eliminate this ridiculous law. It recently was passed by the House, but according to Channel 2 news, The Church of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons, pressured the Senate to Pigeon Hole the issue so no vote is win, thereby killing the bill for this year.

Whatever happened to the Church and State laws? The Last I heard, it was still intact. I know what some of you are thinking. If you don’t like it, move . I refuse to move because some of the most ridiculous rules exist and there must be citizens who are willing to take a stand.
The amazing thing to me is that with the sentiment of alcohol in this state, it is making more profit off of liquor sales in the state operated stores than through any other source. If it’s true, that would explain a lot. 

Bring down the Zion curtain so we are not perceived as weirdos when conventions come to town so they come back again. This is a fine state, but no state should be ruled by a my organization.

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not a Mormon hater, I have many Mormon friends who I love dearly, including my wonderful sister and two nieces. I think my sweet Sister-in-Law too.

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5 thoughts on “I’m Crazy!!!

  1. You just have to love those ‘odd laws’ and the reasons why they are still on the books.
    It’s still an offence in the UK to stick a postage stamp on a letter upside down, because it’s disrespectful to the Queen. As legally the mail is still the property of HM Queen while in transit, The Queen’s head is on every stamp. (Pre-paid envelopes and postage metres exempt)

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      1. I just checked for you:
        This is a quote from http://www.lawcom.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Legal_Oddities.pdf
        It is illegal to place a stamp of
        the Queen upside down on a
        The Treason Felony Act 1848 makes
        it an offence to do any act with the
        intention of deposing the monarch,
        but it seems unlikely that placing a
        stamp upside down fulfils this
        criterion. The Act itself certainly does
        not refer to stamps. According to the
        Royal Mail, it is perfectly acceptable
        to put a stamp upside-down.
        (Doh! Caught out by an urban myth)
        However: I can state from personal experience it is considered disrespectful or one of those odd things some folk do as a sign of rebellion.
        However 2:
        Going back to your original theme:
        It is illegal to be drunk on
        licensed premises in the UK?
        Under s 12 of the Licensing Act 1872,
        “every person found drunk… on any
        licensed premises, shall be liable to a
        penalty”. It is also an offence under
        the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 for
        the keeper of a public house to permit
        drunkenness or disorderly conduct on
        the premises. Furthermore, under the
        Licensing Act 2003, it is an offence to
        sell alcohol to a person who is drunk,
        or to obtain alcohol for consumption
        by a person who is drunk.
        I hope the above and the link itself provides you with material.

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