Saving Daylight???

I keep remembering to “spring ahead and fall back.” So this morning I thought I’d get a jump on things so I went outside to spring ahead but afterward I fell back. I’m confused. Should I just leave the clocks alone now? 

I wish I lived in a state where they don’t practice daylight savings time, although it’s not enough to make me want to move. Arizona is one such state, and I envy them. In our house, it really only impacts my wife because she has to go to work an hour early and it will probably be dark when she comes home. 

That makes it especially bad for ME! No one wants their wife to come home in a worse mood than ever. Those Arizona people know what they’re doing. The problem is that if we lived there I wouldn’t live long. I don’t tan, I stroke. 

My parents used to live there. Each time we visited we would drive home wondering how and why someone would ever want to live there. I know there are mountain areas where you can live to escape the heat, but you’ve got to come down sometime and BAM, there he is, the grim reaper. 

Some people complain about cold weather and snow. I would argue that cold is much better because I can always bundle up to stay warm but I don’t think its legal to walk around naked in any town. I don’t think nudists even go there. I swear that Tuscon is only three blocks from the sun. 

281 people “live” in Death Valley. These people must have a death wish. Who would ever want to move to a town with the word death in the name? Crazy people, that’s who. And don’t even get me started on Las Vegas…

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2 thoughts on “Saving Daylight???

  1. We’re due for ‘National-Let’s-Lose-An-Hour’s-Sleep’ in 2 weeks time. I don’t get it at all. No matter how we humans fiddle about with the clocks there are still the days amount of hours and day & night allotted to that day? Always struck me as ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

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