We’ve Come So Far, Or Have We???

I was setting up a joke at a comedy club one night about progress. I said, “We have built a ship to cross an ocean, fast trains to travel across cities, and built planes to fly high in the skies like a bird…” A guy in the audience yelled, “But a man can’t sit on barbed wire like a bird can.”

I was stunned and the only thing I could come back with is that he had obviously had too much to drink and had way too much time on his hands. I asked him if he was married. Here said no so I said that explains everything. My responses got huge laughs from the crowd but I couldn’t stop but think has was spot on. 

Obviously we are to big to sit on barbed wire, and why would we want to? Would it impact our lives of we could? It would impact some lives. Criminals who want to break out of minimum security prisons. The higher security facilities also have razor wire which I’ve never seen a bird perched on. 

Imagine the fiasco which would have ensued if Martha Stewart had escaped. First of all, I’m sure there would have been several hand man made quilts used to scale the wall and sit on the barbed wire with the birds. I’m also positive she was thinking of a way to fricassee the birds and make an incredible meal out of them. Its what she does. 

There’s no way they could have found her. She could always hide in a huge wedding cake, or any other large dish. Where would they look? There are thousands of restaurants where she could hide. 

They would have to get the teams from the hit television show “Hunted”. Those guys can find anyone. It doesn’t matter how careful a person is, they’ll get ya. They’ll badger your friends and family until they get an approximate area. Then they’ll canvas every single bakery until they find the giant cake which will stick out like a sore thumb in a kitchen. All because we can’t sit on barbed wire liked birds. 

Maybe some day. 

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3 thoughts on “We’ve Come So Far, Or Have We???

      1. Why am I not surprised? ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Nasty’ somehow seem to go together.


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