I Can Fly!!!

Flying in an airplane is just like driving a car, except a car can’t go 600 miles per hour, you don’t get peanuts and you can’t fall asleep because there’s no co-pilot.

Southwest Airlines is the best airline to fly. No baggage fees, no charges for changing flights, plus you get peanuts. No $6 snack packs, $2 headphones. You get on the plane, grab a seat and off you go! Simple, easy and straight forward.

What stops other airlines from doing the same thing? Stockholders? Tradition? Stupidity? Why not follow the most successful business model in the history of commercial aviation?

Last year we flew across the country on Frontier. Worst. Flight. Ever. They make you pay for everything. Luggage cost me $120, so the flight that was listed as the cheapest suddenly became expensive. Not only that, there was no legroom. I seriously considered having my legs amputated before boarding. They should change their name to “A La Cart” Airlines.

With the mergers, you would think it might be the perfect time to change to a more customer friendly environment. Nope. You still have to wait forever and pray there will be enough room in the overhead for your bag. Plus, the employees don’t seem to care that you chose their airline.

I have had far too many bad experiences on other airlines also, like over booking, excessive baggage fees, rude flight attendants, etc. Is it too much to ask for a smile? Beverage service without getting an arm lopped off with the cart?

Asking for an additional beverage or snack is like asking for pulling a molar, which I must admit would seem like fun to me sometimes.

That’s where driving a car would be better. No rude flight attendants, any kind of snack you want without anyone getting on your case. No chatty Cathy giving you their life story. Plus, if you run out of fuel you just pull over and call someone to bring some to you. You may feel embarrassed, but you’ll live to tell the tale. From this point on, I think our car will be the answer. Freedom. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to load the car for our drive to Hawaii.

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5 thoughts on “I Can Fly!!!

  1. One of the benefits of living in the UK and not caring to go to the trouble of visiting other countries, no need for airlines.
    Talking of taking the car to Hawaii. Did the 1960s puppet series ‘Supercar’ ever reach the US?

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      1. It’s getting on for about 55 years old now. This scientist (and his beautiful daughter) had invented this car which apart from roads could fly, sail and go submarine. Naturally it required a square-jaw hero to drive/fly/sail it; one Mike Mercury who had the most amazingly thick eyebrows you ever saw. I think there was a pet chimp in there somewhere. It was a cool car. Eventually the husband & wife team creators ‘The Andersons’ would create Thunderbirds!

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      2. Good days. We supplied the advanced puppet shows and you gave the classic cartoons (Huckleberry Hound….ah we miss you)

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