I Saw A Sign!!!

Yesterday I saw a sign that said “Survey crew ahead”. I did. They were doing nothing. 

What a boring gig. I’m told the money is pretty good, which is great if that’s all you’re after. You’re probably yelling at the screen right now saying, “You moron, of course that’s why we work!

For some, that’s enough. I remember seeing an interview with Anthony Hopkins. I think it was Barbara Walters who asked him why he had kept making movies for so many years; what keeps him going. He said, “The money”. Walters laughed and said, “Really, what is your motive”? He said, “Its the money! As long as they keep paying me, I’ll keep working”. You’ve got to love that honesty.

And then there are the government workers. Don’t get me wrong, I know some who work very hard at their jobs. Unfortunately, I know more that do not. They feel like its just a cushy job and they pretty much do whatever they want. I worked on a military base for three years. The fraud, waste and abuse I witnessed was stunning. Its sort of like when George Costanza, on “Seinfeld” worked for the Yankees and would sleep under his desk and do nothing.

There were people making a good living by listening to music on their iPhone while playing solitare. Meanwhile, the men and women who are out in harm’s way and risking their lives with every step they take don’t get everything they need to be more safe. Disgusting. I’m not talking about those on the lines repairing aircraft or missiles. Those folks do good work. Its mostly civilians in offices who generally do very little.

Problems with the VA, DMV and IRS are great examples of problems that impact all of us at one time or another. The “I couldn’t care less about you” attitude is ever present. Ugh. They work about as hard as a broken microwave oven. Sickening.

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4 thoughts on “I Saw A Sign!!!

  1. That’s a shame to read.
    My time in the UK Civil Service was high pressure, work-work-work and in our version of the IRS (was HMIT now HMRC) having to bite your tongue; ordinary folk were no problem it was a pleasure to help them, it was the loud mouthed morons who wanted everything done for them, now otherwise they would scream and scream, and having to do it!! (Happy Dayz)

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