I Can’t Read!!!

My nephew had to give a speech at his graduation. He read from his notes. “My mother has been a wonderful influence for me. She is a shining example…” He paused and said, “Sorry, but it’s really hard to read her handwriting.”

Oops! His Mom just shrunk in her chair. She hadn’t written it, of course, but no one knew that. Her kid was a prankster. He and everyone there found it hilarious. She didn’t. I wonder if he even got his graduation present.

Pranks are always funny unless you humiliate any woman. They must always be aimed at men. Women never forget anything a man does, only the bad things she’s done. Dont get mad, ladies. I love ya, but its true. In this case, it would only be really funny if the prank was on Mom. Much more funny than if it were Dad.

He also picked a great time to do it because his Mom was so proud of him to have been selected to give a speech. Well played, nephew. Well played. Ther are times when it can be lethal to play a prank on a woman. If you execute one on your wife on your wedding day, go directly to Afghanistan and hide in a cave.

She’ll never forget that you messed up her first wedding with your prank. You can be proud of yourself as you sit in your cave, but you can be sure she’ll track you down at some point. Ladies are just experts at that sort of thing.

Oh, one more thing. Dont ever prank Kim Jong Un. That never ends well, even if you’re on the run. 

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