And The Loser Is….

Warren Beatty stared at the Best Picture winner card so long that people thought he was having a stroke. It turns out he was given the wrong card. 

They finally announced the winner as “La La Land”. Everyone came up on stage to accept their award. There was just a little tiny problem. “Moonlight” had really won. It was more awkward than passing gas in church. 

The cast of La La Land was very gracious, to say the least. Beatty was still standing there stunned. He finally said “The card said ‘Emma Stone, La La Land’. Uh oh. Somebody blew it big time. I wish someone had said, “Wanna get away”? That would have been better than the chaotic mess that was going on. Finally, host Jimmy Kimmel said, “I knew I would find a way to screw up this show.”

On a show where the only things you expect to go wrong is artists taking too long to thank everyone or becoming too political and running over time, perhaps a wardrobe disaster; everything else must be perfect. The only thing that compares with last night’s disaster was when David Letterman hosted the show. His famous “Uma, Oprah” line set the stage for one of the biggest hosting flops in the history of the awards event.

If I were hosting, I would have said “And the winner of the biggest mistake in Academy Awards history goes too…” We all make mistakes, but on arguably the world’s largest stage? I don’t think you get a second chance. Janet Jackson certainly didn’t get a second chance to perform at the Super Bowl after her famous wardrobe malfunction. Letterman didn’t get a second chance either. Ouch.

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4 thoughts on “And The Loser Is….

  1. Suggestion for stars hosting or featuring in such media events always go with Laurel & Hardy Masks, when disaster happens go into Exasperated Ollie/ ‘I couldn’t help it’ Stan routine, bound to save the day.

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