I’m Psycho!!!

There are only a couple of things that really freak me out. Clowns and carousels. Last night I dreamed I was surrounded by both. As I write this, I’m being taken to the local psych ward.

I dont know why carousels get to me, but they do. Perhaps I saw a creepy scene with a carousel in it. It always seems like either the person riding the carousel or the person waiting for the rider disappear.Or some creepy dude takes his latest victim to a closed carnival at night and turns on the carousel. Yikes!

Clowns are very easy for me to figure out. Thank you Steven King for creating the book and movie, “It”. After watching the movie, I didn’t sleep for a year and a half. Sleep deprivation can cause anything to freak you out. I still can’t watch an episode of “The Simpsons” for fear that the clown character, Crusty will show up.

The only clowns I like are rodeo clowns. They actually try to save lives, not take them. Plus they jump in and out of barrels and who doesn’t enjoy a clown doing that? And the only time they are angry is when they or whomever they are trying to protect get hit by the bull. Those guys are cool.

The other clowns that really bother me are politicians. The Capitol building is full of them. They do things to us in secret. That’s scary. Imagine congressmen on a huge carousel. I’d be locked up for life if I saw that. 

Unannounced knocks at the door freak me out. There’s no peep hole and you can’t see through the glad on either side. What if it is a home invasion? Sometimes I don’t open it. Why ask for trouble? A clown home invasion would do me in. A would have a massive seizure and sleep through the whole thing. No need to tie me up. Just take the stuff and go.

So if I avoid clowns, carousels and home invaders I’ll be just fine.

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