Really?? Who’s A Comedian???

I think it would be funny if the Pope broke into a stand up routine the next time there is a huge crowd in St. Petersburg Square. “two nuns walk into a bar…” 

My Catholic friends, dont get angry. I think the same thing about anyone with whom it would seem completely out of place. How about a CEO of a company on “Undercover Boss”? A chief of police at a press conference? A referee during an NFL game?

There’s more. Obviously, the President of any country is a given. How about Mick Jagger? Kanye West? Vladamir Putin? That I’d like to see. All Putin would have to do is follow Jimmy Fallon’s cue cards and it would be hilarious.

How about an inmate from A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight? Tom Selleck during a serious moment on “Blue Bloods”? So many examples.

I was once hired by a large company to attend their annual meeting. I wore a three piece suit and they were going to introduce me as an accountant from headquarters. Once they started getting bored, they wanted me to slowly turn it into my stand up act.

When I could sense boredom setting in, I looked at a woman in the front row and asked what was her name. She was in on the joke. I went a little bit more and said “My goodness you’re an attractive woman”. I loosened my collar and remarked how warm it was getting. I asked her if she was married.

Then I went straight into the marriage portion of my act, did about 15 minutes more, got my check and left. They made sure everyone knew she was a willing participant So one felt uncomfortable or story for her. Most importantly, HR was also in the loop. I would not do well in prison. They loved it.

Hopefully as your day progresses, you will think of other crazy choices for comedians and you’ll smile or laugh a little and your co-workers will have no idea why.

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