Happy Presidents… Hot Dog… Hamburger Day???

Yesterday was Presidents Day here in the US. A day supposedly set aside to honor all of our past presidents. Apparently we do that with shopping and BBQs. I didn’t hear one thing about Presidents except President Trump.

It’s also a day off for many people, which is a bonus. I think its mostly become that. Retailers from shoe stores to car dealerships had huge sales. The restaurants and grocery stores were also packed.

There are many Presidents with whom to pay our respects, but nothing was said, even on or local news unless I completely missed it. In fact, I just heard a commercial calling their sale a “Father’s Day” sale. Really?? What day is that? I dont remember that one. There are many Presidents to celebrate. 

Here are just a few:
My top ten:

10. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Best known for:  Making the name Dwight good enough for guys like Dwight Yoakam.

9. Harry Truman

Best known for:  Writing the screenplay for Jim Carrey.

8. Woodrow Wilson

Best known for: Creating Tom Hanks’ pal, the volleyball in “Castaway”

7. James Monroe

Best known for:  Marrying Marilyn Monroe. 

6. James Madison

Best known for:  Inventing Dolly Madison snack cakes. 

5. Thomas Jefferson

Best known for:  Creating the band “Jefferson Airplane”.

4. George Washington

Best known for:  Creating the Washington Monument all by himself.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Best known for:  Creating the Lincoln Continental and choosing Matthew McConaughey to represent them.

2. Theodore Roosevelt

Best known for:  creating the nic name Teddy and creating the first piece of lingerie.

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Best known for: Being the first man ever to allow himself to be called Franklin in public.

There are many Presidents to celebrate, so I think there should be television specials so people can learn more about these special men who acted in so many difficult circumstances. Out of respect for the office, I won’t list the worst.

Our former Presidents, I salute you!

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