I Got An F????

February 15th is the day of assessment. Ladies will compare notes to see how you measured up. Good luck, fellas.

If the preparation for the twister called Valentines Day wasn’t bad enough, the real damage assessment will take place today.

This is what happens as the carnage of the tornado is assessed after Valentines Day. It’s not the candy, it’s the brand. If the roses are already beginning to wilt, be prepared to switch places with Fido.

Fortunately, my wife doesn’t think Valentines Day is a big deal. I mentioned that yesterday, but it’s worth repeating because it feels good to be stress free today. I’ve learned that doesn’t mean that I can blow it off, it simply means I need to do something special. I go with her to buy some clothes, which is always a big hit.

When she comes home from work, the kitchen is spotless, the carpet is vacuumed, the bed is made. Then, we cook a delightful meal. The tornado never touches down. Happiness abounds. Some of you went way out of your way, but are still waiting for the polls to close to see how you measured up and how things are likely to go for you in the next couple of weeks.

Take some advice. Listen to her in the weeks prior to the special day. If it’s candy, find out what what brand she loves. If she loves roses, don’t go cheap. Get a great card. Know her and what she loves and you can’t miss.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk my friend Roger off the roof.

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