Help!! I’ve Fallen And I CAN Get Up!!!

I think it would be funny if when you reach a certain age, if you would be forced to wear thick memory foam all over your body. This way, you would either bounce right back up or you would just have to call someone to pick you up.

Think about it. No more broken bones or dislocations! How cool its that? They could be created by a designer, except for mens. We would only have the option of over alls and a tee shirt. No need for us guys to “spiff” it up at our age. At a certain age, going out for a night on the town is going to the local buffet.

There are more benefits! Let’s say a silly argument breaks out. You could actually push your partner over without fear of hurting them. Pretty soon you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget what you were fighting about in the first place! No more divorces!

You would need to be able to disrobe to take care of business and shower but no worries! The bathroom floors and shower are also covered with waterproof memory foam too. No chance of getting hurt. You’ll also need to disrobe for other things, but put them right back on, lay down and you’ll get the best nights sleep – ever!

For the claustrophobic, which is really the fear of Santa Clause and horribly misused in or language. Anyway, for these people there would be an hypnosis CD that will remove all fear of wearing the clothing. This is a great idea, which I will patent immediately! You’re welcome!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to start work on my next invention, nerf cars.

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