I’m Not Bi, I’m Just Polar!!!

I think gasoline prices must be bipolar. They have such up swings and downs swings and for inexplicable reasons. Plus they drain your bank account. 

It’s a classic case. No one can figure it out. The price comes down for no apparent reason, then back up again. I hear it’s supply and demand. The demand certainly doesn’t change in our country, so does supply? I don’t think so. Others say it’s based on speculation of the price of a barrel of oil.

In my opinion, supply is controlled by Iraq and the Saudi regimes. When they decide to slow production, prices go up. I don’t even try to understand it. The political climate is certainly not working in our favor and the blow hard politicians promise in debates how they will “immediately begin tapping into our own resources.”

So far – nothing. If we could all afford to go get electric cars, that would help tremendously, then there would be reserves for tough storm seasons like this year. But, the truth is, there has to be a reason why we don’t drill, and it can’t be the Sierra Club alone.

So how can we break this need for foreign oil? Drill. I don’t care what the politicians say because they’re afraid of the environmentalists. I wonder how these well meaning folks would change if we were suddenly cut off, which is unlikely, but possible.

We have reserves, in such a case, although I don’t know how many years it would hold out. Then what? Convert to natural gas? Wring out Al Pacino, Kanye West and Ray Ramono’s hair? We might have enough to get us through one winter, but that’s about it.

We need to drill like a dentist. Search like a trapper. While we find our way to self sufficiency, we should try everything. We cannot afford to be dependent on those who want to kill us. Wow, was that a speech, or what? I’m Jerry Mabbott, and I’d appreciate your vote in 2020. I approved this message.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some gas for the snow blower.

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