Quick Thinking!!

Last week a guy came at me with scissors. Fortunately, I responded quickly with a big rock. Imagine if I had responded with a piece of paper. Close call.

Some people are very quick thinkers, while others take their time to respond. This is useful when playing chess or scrabble, but not so much in other situations in life.

I’ve watched comedians take way too long between jokes which is really bad because the audience has had the chance to cool off from the last joke. Its much more difficult to have consistently funny shows that way. Once you connect with the crowd, give them everything you’ve got until you have to slow down to give them a break.

Being slow to the point is also not very effective in job interviews, unless you’re applying to be a monk. Silence then is golden. But imagine in a job interview if you’re asked if you’ve ever stolen anything from a previous employer. A long pause will give the impression that you’re thinking of all of the items you’ve ripped off. No job and probably a red flag if you’re seen near the business again.

If you’re questioned by the police about a crime, and you’re a suspect, being slow to respond will probably not go over well with the cops. They’ll think you’re hiding something, which you are. Your an idiot. Speaking slow to wit with the cops, I  watch a lot of crime shows where a person is interrogated for a very long time until they finally crack and admit to the crime.

Many of these people are not guilty, they’ve just been worn down. Guilty or not, if I ever get dragged in for questioning and it seems that I’m considered a suspect, I’ll ask for an attorney immediately. They know what to say to get them off of your back so you can concoct an alibi. Um, I mean put together a real alibi. Yeah, that’s it.

I hope you never experience that scenario, but if you do, think fast and tell them you want an attorney. You’ll be free in a heartbeat and can begin working on your case.

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