Ow! That Hurt!!!

I think President Lincoln needed to watch that play like he needed a hole in his head. 

Don’t get upset with me. That was not only funny, it happened a very long time ago. There has long been a joke out there “Other than that, did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?” Admit it, you’re at least smiling right now. 

I’m guessing there were no secret service agents back then. Yeah I know, I’m brilliant. I want those agents looking out for me. I think one would need to qualify to get it for free. I could never afford to pay those guys myself. I’m on a fixed income. 

I have been married four times. That alone should be a great reason to have round the clock protection. I never really know where they may be lurking or what intentions they have. You can’t be too careful. 

Actually, I get along fine with my former spouses. But there was this kid who kept attacking me in high school and I had to beat him up a couple of times before he decided it wasn’t in his best interest to stop. You never know what goes on in a moron’s head. He could still be plotting revenge which is why I never attend plays. 

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