The Ten Million Dollar Woman!!!

Lady Gaga is getting paid ten million dollars to perform at the Super Bowl. Inflation I guess. You used to get Lindsay Wagner or Lee Majors for only six million.  

Making that kind of scratch, I wonder if she would ever consider buying bionics. Can you imaging what her shows would be like? She’s already a high energy act so I don’t know what might happen.

The NFL really messed up this year because I would have performed for two million. I’m just kidding. I would have done it for one million. No one would listen and I would most likely be bood off of the stage. That’s ok. I could handle that for a million.

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4 thoughts on “The Ten Million Dollar Woman!!!

  1. Well, I’d reckon your act would be more refreshing that the usual hoo-ahh.
    You can take the unhinged out of the UK Civil Service, but you can’t take the UK Civil Service out of the unhinged. So I ask….
    Ssso, if they are paying Lady Gaga $10 mill, and all those players get a few mill, and the coaches the likewise, and then all the Superbowl Officials and suchwhich get paid and the team executives get their cut. Just how much do the ticket payers, TV companies and companies with commercial spots dish out?

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