Jeff “The Fly” Goldblum

I think it would be funny if Jeff Goldblum was placed on the “no fly” list. 

I can hear it now. “What? This is outrageous! Don’t you know who I am????” TSA agent says, “We know exactly who you are. You’re the fly, now bend over “.

The Fly was a really good remake, and Goldblum was the perfect person for the part. Sure it was freakishly odd and scary at times but I really liked it. Ok, here comes a story and it’s kind of gross. At the height of the film’s popularity, my wife and I were having a party. I made some sort of white liquid and had a plate of leftovers on the coffee table. 

When everyone showed up, I spit the liquid on the food just like the fly did. I acted startled by their arrival and it was very funny. Wy wife found it disgusting but anything for a laugh, right? Fun. 

I think Jim Carrey would have been creepy enough to do it, but it was before his breakthrough performance in “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”. You’ve got to wonder what others think of you when they say you’re perfect for the part of the fly. I’m not sure that’s really a compliment. 

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