You Bought Me What???

Ladies birthdays are similar to gambling. One bad decision can either make you great guy or a schmuck.

It’s even tougher when you don’t drive. I was going to hit the store with my driver but the last time I went on a rampage in a store with a golf club it didn’t end well.  I thought Thursday would be a good day, but I felt a seizure coming on and had to go home. Yikes! What would I do? Thank goodness for a great sister-in-law and Amazon.

I ordered her favorite running shoes from Amazon and they arrived just in time! Heather’s sister, Stef helped me out by getting flowers and secretly dropping them off at our house. Mind you it was 6 degrees outside too. What a great help that was. 

The only glitch in the system was the cake. I always get Heather her favorite cake, which is a mint chocolate chip sheet cake from one particular shop. All of my plans to retrieve it failed and she’s going to be near the bakery today so she’s picking it up herself. That stinks even though she volunteered to do it. 

Tonight, some of us will invade The Olive Garden for Heather’s birthday dinner and then we’ll have some very crazy people over. It’s going to be fun! We celebrated her mom’s birthday last night and had a blast!

One more thing. I’m certain I will die for what I’m about to post but it will be worth it… I hope…

Ya gotta love Snap Chat! I will now seek shelter in the Rocky Mountains.

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