I’m Crazy! Nuts! A Loon!

Insanity is wonderful. People expect so little of you, so you never disappoint.

A few years ago, we celebrated a double birthday with my wife’s family. For whatever reason, I was comically on fire! I had everyone in stitches (weird term) all night at the restaurant. Very unusual, these days. Frankly, I think it was because I hadn’t slept much in quite a few days.

It’s really very interesting, this thing called sleep. Some require much, while others need little. I used to hate to sleep, because I wanted to live every moment doing something interesting. That didn’t include sleep for me. I found it boring. So I ran as fast as possible, ignoring the need for sleep. What I didn’t know, was that sleep heals the body. God created it to help us live life. Naturally, I blame my parents. There is absolutely no reason to place blame there, but it seems to work for others, so why not? Sorry, Mom.

Running Against the Wind – My Past

Getting back to that night, I think I was on such a roll because that’s the way I lived when I had to be funny every night. I would load myself on caffeine to get pumped up and go do a high energy funny show. Caffeine doesn’t work like that for me any longer. Now that I’ve discovered sleeplessness, which worked out pretty well for that guy in Seattle as well, I have a different methodology now. Last night, I slept pretty well, which means this blog is most likely not my best work.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.I think Ben Franklin had a screw loose. He became wealthy publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac and The Pennsylvania Gazette. So he had no choice but to get up early, and get to bed early. I used to do morning radio. I had to be in bed early, and rise early. As for the other part? I’m still broke and a moron.

Franklin was the Doc Brown of his age, trying to harness the power of lighting, a fairly insane thing to do, if you ask me. I try to avoid it. Much safer that way. I know a woman who has been hit by lighting three times. She drags her left leg a little, and glows in the dark, but outside of those minor oddities, she’s no worse for the wear.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the man never flew a kite to discover electricity. Watch the Mythbusters segment on that little charade. Just a lack of sleep. Oh well, the man was rich and I am not. Is that really a good reason to dislike someone? Yep.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a nice warm bed beckoning me.

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