Mary Tyler Moore 

“A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in my pants” – Chuckles the Clown 

My favorite episode:

WJM’s beloved Chuckles the Clown host is killed in a freak accident by an elephant while dressed as a peanut. Moore recalls having to bite her cheeks to get through the episode without laughing until the scene at the end where she can’t control her guffaws. A great showcase of Moore’s ace comedic timing.

I’ll write about my only conversation with this amazing woman. I was at a Q&A session with her. I told her I had heard about an old story regarding her and Rob Reiner. When she was on the Dick Van Dyke show, produced by Carl Reiner, Rob was quite young and Moore was 22. Rumor had it that Rob pinched Moore on the behind several times. As the story went, she went to Carl and told him about what Rob was doing. Carl found Rob and said “Are you pinching Mary on the butt?” Rob admitted it and Carl just said, “Well cut it out!” Mary confirmed that the story was true.”

I’ll let pictures tell the rest of her story. 

You will be missed by so many…..

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