Walmart Is Now Selling Cars???

Your wife or husband sends you to Wal-Mart to pick up some bread and milk. She knows something is wrong when you’re gone for seven hours and the receipt reads $14,004.48.

They must be stopped. What’s next, real estate? They have already cornered the market on so many things. Groceries, frozen corn dogs, green olives, pour over pop corn and beets. That’s not enough. They sell cell phones and now automobiles.

I think I’ll start a formal wear business in Wal-Mart. They have yet to capture that business. I’d carry no inventory. I would simply tell the customers to go to a formal wear store and try on enough to find one you love and then tell them you’ll be back. You come back to me and I’ll order the same garment for $100 off.

Circuit City beat Wal-Mart to the punch on the car business. They started CarMax, which is still going strong and Circuit City is long gone. Actually, Circuit City is making a rather impressive comeback with new ownership, having only stores in malls. Pretty cool, I think.

Below is a picture of what the stores will look like. Very streamlined, sort of like Brookstone stores. Clean with smart, well marked specific categories of great merchandise. Bravo!

Now, If you’ll excuse me, I need some celery, a cell phone and a Ferrari.

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2 thoughts on “Walmart Is Now Selling Cars???

  1. Amazing (and of course funny too)….. I suddenly recall MAD running a story along these lines back in the late 1950s…. fascinating how much of their satires are becoming truths.

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