I Can’t Breathe!!

I’m not saying the air is polluted here, but last week I saw birds wearing gas masks.

I live near Salt Lake City. Its beautiful here. The mountains are majestic, the ski slopes rival any in the country, maybe even in the world. The people are friendly, the crime rate is low and the economy is strong. So, what’s the problem? Smog!

Salt Lake City, Ogden and Clearfield and the valleys surrounding them are in the top six cities with the worst air pollution in the country. Really? Three cities in this beautiful state are in the top five? I live in Ogden. To soften the blow, they call smog “inversion”. That seems to mask the dangerous condition of the air that we breathe here. Why not just call it what it is? Smog is essentially fog mixed with smoke from car exhaust and industries, such as refineries and other industries that emit dangerous ingredients into the air.

Car exhaust is the worst, although more people seem to be using the train, it doesn’t seem like most Utah drivers still drive to work with a long commute. That is indicative of a population which doesn’t seem to care. We all seem to think others are going to do the right thing, so we don’t follow through with the most critical element which causes the problem.
In China, the smog is so bad, the government is putting up, I swear, electronic billboards that depict sunshine because the citizens cannot see the sky. Hand to God, it’s true. Will we wait so long?

The warnings we get on the news is that the air quality is bad enough to cause health problems for “sensitive groups. Well I must fall into that group because over the weekend, I went shopping with my wife, then had dinner out. That night, my lungs hurt and it felt like I had the flu. I woke up the next morning and felt fine.

This crud can’t be good for anyone, sensitive groups or not. There is one city in our nation who has diminished smog by nearly 75%! Maybe we should use their methodology. Stringent regulations on cars sold in their state, along with closing refineries and other heavy pollution causing businesses. A 75% decrease! How cool would that be?

The problem here is that most people are unwilling to do their part. They’re relying solely on the government to fix the problem because they like to drive, by themselves to work. Come on, people of Utah! Aside from installing a giant fan to blow it all out, we all must take the precautionary measures necessary to rid our cities from the gunk and eliminate the sickness it causes.

Smog can cause lung cancer, emphysema and a variety of other serious illnesses which take the lives, unnecessarily, of people in our community. The sad thing is that nothing was done before it got this bad. I think if our government doesn’t lay down some very strict rules to drivers and industry, they should all be impeached. Yeah, it’s that bad.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get the mail, which is several Blog away. Now where is my gas mask?
See you tomorrow.
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