Where Am I????

Yesterday I rode four miles on my bike. When I finished, I had no idea where I was. I talked to some startled, really nice people who gave me a ride home. Not bad for riding a stationary bike. It was like the bike Matrix.

I think I need to get a TV for the workout room. Yes, despite my girth we do have a workout room. My wife uses the treadmill and I’m supposed to ride the bike. I did very well until my last knee surgery. I rode it for a while but quite for some reason. Ok, I was being lazy.

There always seems to be a completely irrational sounding excuse that seems so logical at the time I say it. The Holidays are a big one. Everyone knows you can’t start a diet during that season. There is food everywhere to go. Everyone wants you to eat. Chips, dip, candy, cheese balls, crackers and many other snacks BEFORE you even get to the meals. F’get about it.

We still have three nearly full boxes of chocolates and one hasn’t  even been opened. Certainly you can’t start a diet and exercise program with all of this chocolate around. I’m only fooling myself because no one is forcing me to eat these things. I do it all on my own. I won’t blame it on that silliness. I know that its coming down to a choice. Do I want to weigh and look like I do, or look and feel the way I want to.

Wish me luck!
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