True Grit!!!

I love grits. They have no offensive taste or aftertaste. So you just doctor them up with some butter and hot sauce and they’re great! Actually, since grits have no taste, I hate them. It’s butter and hot sauce that I love.

There are different definitions of grit. True Grit was an amazing remake of the movies from long ago. Based on what I could tell, most of the grit was in Rooster Cogburn’s teeth. The girl in there film… Now there was some true grit. She didn’t put up with anybody’s bs.

In the end, she shot and killed the man who killed her father. Vengeance from a teen-age girl in the old west. I think that’s what made the movie so much fun. That and Jeff Bridges doing his best Slingblade impression.

Of course the original Rooster Cogburn’s character was masterfully brought to life by the amazing Marion Morrison. Who??? The Duke himself, John Wayne. Great performance, eye patch and all. Wait… Get back to the whole ‘Marion Morrison’ thing. Are you telling me that John Wayne, aka The Duke, aka the ultimate Man’s Man of his time was named Marion???

John Wayne was absolutely my father’s favorite movie star. Obviously not just my old man. He had millions of fans and made a ton of Western and War movies that people loved. 

I was a fan, but too young to understand the characters, let alone the plots of the films he was in. I just saw  Jeff Bridges in “The Giver”. Great movie and a great performance by Bridges. This guy is amazing, in my opinion. As great as The Duke? It’s hard to say since their performances were literally lifetimes apart.

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2 thoughts on “True Grit!!!

  1. Both versions films of the film are up there in my favourites. And let us not forget the magnificent Strother Martin as the harassed horse-trader in the first film (I think the words run to Mattie “I heard a young child was drowned in a well. I had hoped it was you”,)

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