Climate Change!!

Its been so cold here, I’m thinking about getting Heather a remote start for her car. I asked a friend of mine if he had one. He said, “Yeah. He’s 15.”

Talk about a cold snap! There’s going to snow all over the South, and lots of it. Even in Mississippi. The Carolinas are going to get snow like in New York, if you believe the meteorologists. I do. Georgia is getting quite a bit too. Crazy.

I enjoy the four seasons but this is nuts. I swear I just saw a polar bear walking down our street. Ok, maybe it was a white minivan. I think hypothermia is beginning to set in because I’m becoming very dillusional. Some would argue that I’m always this way and they would be right.

The ice sickles are so big that you have to wear a hard hat and keep saying to yourself, “Don’t look up” when you go outside. At least we are blessed with a home with heat. I know that many do not and that is very sad. I saw a story on the news yesterday that a great number of people here woke up with no heat at all. There was a problem with a major pipeline that served the people. The Gas Company got everything working again, but it took hours.

If it happened to me I would get out my gas powered auger and go ice fishing in my living room. Why not? I know I wouldn’t catch anything but time would pass quickly. Yes, there would be structural damage and the landlord wouldn’t be very happy but at least I would have survived.

I think our weather guy has completely lost it. He actually told people to cover their tomatoes. No joke. I wonder if it was a metaphor.
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4 thoughts on “Climate Change!!

  1. Now that’s what I call severe weather!
    Ever since the beginning of October every time I’d access the internet using Microsoft Edge, a news page would announce at least once a week there would be ‘icy blasts’ or ‘artic weather’ for the UK; we had one day when I had to spend 10 minutes scraping ice off of the car windows; and I think some places had some snow that’s all. I can hardly wait to see what they’ll come up with next summer.

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      1. I wonder if someone said to Noah…. “Nope, it’s only a heavy shower. You get them this time of year. It’ll clear up by late afternoon”?

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