Stop That Thief!!

I was in court waiting to contest a traffic ticket when a pick pocket was sentenced to pay a $200 fine. His defense lawyer said, “Your honor, my client can only afford $50. But if you allow him a few minutes in the crowd…” Everyone laughed except the judge.

You’ve got to love anyone with a sense of humor that doesn’t harm anyone else in the throws of a practical joke. I am developing a filter so I think of consequences before I speak. I didn’t have one before. I’ve heard that comedians can get away with saying most anything, on or off stage and get away with it. I’ve learned that is a lie from the pits of hell.

My words have hurt people. Unintentionally of course but I’m still responsible for the outcome. That I can’t escape. I know people who claim to be proud to speak their minds whenever and wherever they are. It doesn’t matter if it hurts someone else, so long as they can say it. There’s a term for these people. Hermits.

We’ve all said things in the heart of the battle that we regret. We try to apologize the next day saying, “I didn’t mean those things I said. You know I would never hurt you”. Bull. Penalty. Personal foul, roughing the partner. Of course they meant it and it will likely happen again sometime. The fact that the person says, “You know I would NEVER hurt you is bull because they just did.

I resolve to be kind to everyone this year. Even if they’re rude to me. I can tell them kindly that what they did or said was hurtful but is ok and there is no harm done. Then I will pray for that person later on. How about you?
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