Ridiculous Signs!!

The sign said “WET PAINT” So I emptied my bladder on it. I’m currently awaiting further instructions further instructions.

What if we followed instructions to the letter? How would it change our lives? In the first scenario, we would be arrested and suddenly have a record. At least it’s not a felony. This blog is dedicated to stupid signs found in 2016.

Have a wonderful day!!

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3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Signs!!

  1. Great selection.
    My dad used to hate ‘Get In Lane’, he thought it would cost nothing to have ‘Please’ as the opening word
    The one that used to give me pause for thought was the road sign “Danger: Falling Rocks”…. It seemed to me you’d only know once the said rock had impacted on your car, and by then… well….
    The other option would be the accelerate to James Bond style speed to get out of the area, which since was usually a twisty bit of road with a drop on the other side was probably not a wise move.
    Best option…prayer.

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