Happy New Yea…. I Did What???

Many things can be preserved in alcohol this New Years Eve. DIGNITY is not one of them.

New years eve is not just a night when people get drunk and do incredibly stupid things. It is also a whole day of ridiculous people say really stupid things. Things like, “See you next year!”, and then they laugh like no one has ever said it before. What a marvelous gag.

I think it should be legal to throat punch anyone who says that on New Years Eve. Other sayings fall into the same category. “Have a nice trip. See you in the fall!”, after seeing someone stumble. Throat punch.

“How ya doin’?” “Oh, can’t complain. Nobody’d listen if I did.” And then they laugh – out loud like they did every single day at the cafe – every single day. Throat punch.

“How ya doin’?” “Onry as ever, and gettin’ worse every day.” hilarious. Throat punch.

Misused words bother me too. Sometimes words which don’t even exist, like “supposebly”. It’s not a word! The correct word is “supposedly”. Throat punch.

Or how about “orientated?” The words are “orientation” or “oriented”. There are more. “Conversate”, instead of “converce”. Throat punch. “I could care less”, which is stupid because it indicates that you really do care. “I couldn’t care less” means you don’t care.” I hear that one all of the time. Throat punch.
And finally, people who use air quotes way too much, like I just did throughout this blog. I will now throat punch myself.

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