I Want It Now!

Yesterday I asked my neighbor what he got for Christmas. He said, “See that brand new red Corvette over there”? I was so envious. I said “Wow, that is an awesome car. Congratulations”! He said, “Oh I didn’t get the car. I got that same exact color of socks”.

Today is always a day that people in retail hate. Shoppers flood the stores to exchange those “Yes, it’s perfect!” gifts or to use the gift cards they received. Most retailers try to keep inventory levels as tightly measured by sales. Most use an auto replenish system where they sell one and one is automatically ordered.

When the company can’t get any merchandise until their normal truck schedule is completed, you’re walking into a nightmare for you and the poor staff.

The stuff that is left is the junk no one wanted in the first place. That’s the only reason it is there. The best thing to do is go on line and check inventory of the item that you’re looking for before you even head out of the house. That way you can yell obscenities and tell the computer how stupid the company is for not having more in stock.

Better that than to tell at a defenseless clerk or manager who can’t help you anyway. People also go nuts at the poor person who answers the phone, checked inventory on an item and tells the customer that it shows they have 20 of pieces in stock at the moment but you can’t guarantee there will be any when they get there.

Why? Very simple, actually. If the computer shows 20 of the item in stock, there may be 20 people waiting in line with the item in their hand. Even if the clerk checks the physical inventory, the same situation holds true. They will rarely hold one because they want to reward the shopper who fought the traffic and is waiting in line.

Angry gift card holders demand cash refunds, but won’t get it. The reason is that, on average, the gift card shopper spends about 70% more than the value on the card when it is redeemed. Crazy. Its really kind of sad. For weeks we’re singing “Peace on earth, good will to men” and the day after Christmas, all of that is forgotten.
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