Yikes!! What Can I Get For Her???

I spent many years in retail. We closed at 6 pm on Christmas Eve. I loved it when a man would come in about 3 pm and tell me he is just looking. I would say, “Dude! It’s Christmas Eve and all of the stores close in three hours”! His face would turn white. We sold a lot of digital cameras and laptops on those days.

It’s always best to buy her gifts early while there’s still inventory left. How do you know what to get her? Pay attention to what she says throughout the year and put the notes in your phone. You’ll go from idiot to hero instantly. Sounds good?

A day at the spa? Oh yeah. A weekend alone for her at a resort? Now your talking. Don’t have enough money for something nice? Sell something. When she discovered what you sacrificed, she’ll never forget it the rest of her life and I’m betting that you will get the item that you sacrificed on your birthday.

For Heather’s birthday, which isn’t until the end of January, I already have a very special gift planned. I won’t mention what it is because she might read this. You never know and don’t let her guess what it is.

And for goodness sakes, don’t buy her clothes unless you take a picture and ask what size she would take in that item. If they’re out of stock, do NOT try to substitute! Ever! Get her a gift card for her favorite store and arrange a day when her best friend can go with her, shopping, lunch, the works.

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