Automate This!!

When I was leaving the hospital last week, I decided to get a cup of coffee from a vending machine. The guy in front of me watched in despair as the machine poured the coffee without dropping a cup first. I said, “Wow! Amazing technology. It even drinks it for you”! He was not amused.

I think technology is getting way out of control. You can buy chips, snacks and candy, soda, coffee, water, tea and hot chocolate at so many machines. Those are staples and have been around for ages. And of course, just when you’re really hungry and inserted the last of your money, the item chosen gets stuck.

You then get mad and try rocking the machine crazy hard trying to free your snack. Do you know that about 1,100 people are killed each year rocking the machines so hard that they fall on them? I can just imagine showing up at the Pearly Gates and answering St. Peter’s inquiry of our demise. “Um, well, see there was a bag of corn nuts…”

Now you can buy so many things from vending machines. From very expensive electronics all the way down to gumballs at the grocery store. You can buy movie tickets, DVDs, headphones, hot food, books and so much more.

Now Amazon is going to start delivering packages via drone as soon as they get the bugs out, like how to return fire when Jim Bob decided to use it as a clay pigeon at a skeet shoot. 

Yesterday, I mailed Christmas packages to the kids and grand kids without going and standing in line at the post office. I simply put the boxes on the porch and voilà, done and done!. Come to think of it, I love technology!

Last minute gift ideas here! Still time to arrive by Christmas!
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3 thoughts on “Automate This!!

  1. Another classic Jerry opening line; I’ll bear that one in mind the next time a machine pulls that trick one me.
    And here was I trudging to our local Post Office on Friday last with all the boxes to go to our scattered family and the two biggest a potential logistical nightmare of carrying from car to counter until I tied them together with good old fashioned string…ah us old folk still know a trick or two.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours Jerry.

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