I Saw A Ghost!!! 

When I was in the UK, I toured an old castle. Very creepy. I kept thinking I was seeing ghosts. The tour guide said not to worry because she had been there for quite a while and had yet to see a ghost. I asked how long she had been there. She said, “300 years”. Yikes!

The last thing I heard as I was running like a Kenyan on marathon day was, “I’m just kidding”! I decided I would take no chances. I got back on the bus and hid behind a seat for the final hour of the tour.

The only thing scarier there was a pizza I ordered with everything possible just to freak out my friend who was looking for a Pizza Hut. I pestered him until we went to a local restaurant that specialized in piazza. His was simple. Only pepperoni and cheese. Mine came with everything, including a salad and a fried egg. It was actually quite good and my friend dry heaved, so it was perfect!

He chose every restaurant after that. That was only fair. In Paris, there was a Tex-Mex place where the wait staff all spoke English. It was so refreshing after spending ten days in the beautiful country but could barely communicate with anyone. When the server came to take my order, it felt like home. There were even Willy Nelson songs playing in the background.

When the server brought the check and started to leave I said, “Please don’t go! I’ll give you $500 to just sit and talk to me”! Once I got my English fix, I was good to go. It was awesome. I’m sure the wait staff thought I was insane but I didn’t care. It was necessary. You don’t get that kind of money unless you’re on “Undercover Boss”.

I don’t understand why people watch the show. The plot on every episode is the same. A camera crew and host claim to be doing a reality show to see if this goofy looking person should win, based on how well they do there. It’s always the President and/or the CEO and they always do terribly but give out crazy good prizes to certain people they meet in their company.

I’m just saying that if some goofy looking dork  shows up at your workplace with a camera crew, be on your very best behavior because you will probably wind up rich.
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3 thoughts on “I Saw A Ghost!!! 

  1. What! A British Eatery serving a pizza without chips (French fries- y’know) or gravy and mashed potatoes! Ye gad! It’s the thin end of the wedge I tell you!!

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