Go Toward The Light!!!

Wednesday was a very scary day. I was at the hospital waiting for the cardiologist when I had a seizure. They couldn’t find a pulse so they began chest compressions. I had two more seizures and wond up in the trauma center in the ER.

Poor Heather got a call at work saying, “Your husband’s heart has stopped. You need to get here now”! I can’t imagine what that must haves been like for her.

It’s the third time I’ve had CPR. So far, I’ve been fortunate. I’m sure some of you have had chest compressions before. My sternum and ribs are still very sore. But I’m still here. Very strange day.

I’m still exhausted from the three seizures, but fortunate to be able to take all the time I need to recover. I’m still a very happy guy. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife, three children, seven beautiful grandchildren, great siblings, Mother, loving in-laws and of course the best friends a man could ask for.

I’ve done so many things in my life. Had so many experiences that I’ve loved including making people laugh for 30 years. That has been great! I don’t take any of it for granted. I’m thankful for every single show. Even the ones I’ve done in hard core biker bars.

I’ve had the good fortune to run sales and operations for several companies, including my own. I served our country, albeit for a short time, then worked for the Air Force as a civilian for a few years.

I’ve traveled through foreign lands, learning so many things I never would have known. I’ve also traveled to nearly every state in the union and found it fascinating! I met some very special people in my travels and I’m thankful for every single one.

I’ve had people tell others that I’m faking this illness. Obviously that’s not true but I don’t begrudge them because they just don’t understand it. That’s OK. They’re doing the best they can with the information they have.

My wonderful wife has taken great care of me for years now. I help out around the house as much as I’m able, but she’s incredibly understanding, loving and supportive all of the time. She’s amazing.

I have a great relationship with God as well, so I’m not afraid of what the future may hold. None of us are guaranteed another minute on this planet, so I will choose to continue to fight this illness and live each day to the fullest.

I am a very fortunate man.
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4 thoughts on “Go Toward The Light!!!

  1. I love you Pops! You’ve helped me realize my dream of doing stand-up. I writing again and soon I want to do more stage work when I get back to the states. I’ve been writing and realizing that it’s okay to be myself starring in my own comedy of errors around the world.

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