I Have No Money!!!

A foreigner who couldn’t read English approached me at the ATM I was using and asked me to help him check his balance so I pushed him over.

I love ATMs. You put a card in, punch some numbers in and cash comes pouring out! How cool is that? It doesn’t matter that the money comes out of your bank account, that’s beside the point. Its like going to Las Vegas. In fact, I think ATMs should have sound effects just like a slot machine. Imagine how good that would feel?

Taking it a step further, what if there was an option to double your withdrawal? Before the machine spits out your money, there could be a “Double or nothing” option. The odds would be in the bank’s favor, of course, just like in Vegas but how fun would that be?

So, if the customer chose the option to potentially double their withdrawal, and lost, the machine would either deduct that amount from any account the customer has or, if the poor sap doesn’t have enough, the bank would hold his card and freeze his assets until he takes care of the problem.

I really think I’m on to something. The idea is brilliant! There could also be an option to purchase lottery tickets, just like you can buy stamps at so many machines. Great for both parties! Just like the current rules, if someone wins, the bank will get paid a certain amount too. Win, win!

I’m going to submit my idea to the FDIC and see what response I get. I’m betting they’ll love the idea and so will the banks and customers because they all stand to make some money. The only drawback I can see is that the mob would most likely get involved. I’m not sure I want Vinny working the teller line at my bank. On the other hand, it would completely stop bank hold ups.

I’ll keep you posted.

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