Ten Reindeer???

Most people think there are only nine Reindeer, but there are actually 10. You don’t hear much about her because she’s kind of mean. She’s mentioned in the song. “Olive, the other Reindeer, used to laugh and call him names….”

I know. Silly joke but this time of year is perfect for being silly. I really don’t need an excuse, but for so many this is a very happy time of year. Spending time with family and friends is simply the best. Especially making them laugh or groan.

Of course they need to be family members that get along well, otherwise it could get ugly in a hurry. Some family members just don’t get along. I’m sure that’s not true with all families but in my experience it’s mostly true. Somebody offended someone ten years ago and can’t let it go. It happens.

And then there are the ‘fixers’. Those people are always trying to get people to get along. This rarely works and can really make matters worse. But then again, it’s not really Christmas until someone in the family has a meltdown.

We have several crosses on our Christmas tree and are currently being sued by the ACLU.

Some people are relieved when the season is over. I’m not. I love Christmas. I didn’t really care for decorating the tree until we bought one with lights already on it. I absolutely hated getting the real tree on the car, then off the car, cutting a small portion on the bottom of the tree so it would absorb water. Then trimming the base so it fits in the stand. Then the lights! Ugh, the lights!

Now I get the tree out of the garage, put the the sections together, pop it in the stand and plug it in. Voilà! A beautiful tree! The only thing missing is the beautiful pine smell, but that’s why God made Scentsy, right? Pop in the green wax and there it is!

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Ten Reindeer???

  1. In the UK one of our terrestrial TV stations broadcasts at least 3 Christmas films (mostly direct to video) or made for TV every morning through December; usually based in the USA and most of them made in the 21st Century. I never realised it was such busy little industry.

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