Contempt of Court!!

When I went to court to get a divorce, the judge asked me what the problem was. I said, “Your honor, in our seven months together we haven’t agreed on one single thing”. The judge asked my wife the same question. She said, “It’s been eight months”.

If you’ve ever lived with someone who you just couldn’t get along with, like ever, you know how miserable it can be. Half way through the argument you can’t even remember how it started or what it was about. It makes life insane. Its hard to work, eat and sleep.

Sometimes there’s infidelity involved. Other times it’s money. Still other times it might be differing opinions on child rearing or family interference. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong but basic, fiery incompatibility should be the greatest red flag ever!

Every morning, calls to and from work during the day and then again that evening at home ugh. It never ends until you’re in front of a judge. Most of the time people feel really down following a divorce. In other cases you feel no stress and at peace for the first time in a long time. Its like sitting on the banks of a beautiful lake.

Heather and I have been married nearly 19 years now and we have great mornings, we email a couple of times during the day and have great evenings together. I love it and obviously her very much. If you’re in that other kind of relationship, good luck. May the Lord have pity on your soul.

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