Good Night Darth Vader!!

I exercise quite often. It’s a really tough workout. I push my luck, stretch the truth, and jump to conclusions. And I also carry grudges. It’s really difficult but I push through it.

So what about Darth Vader? How does he fit into this blog? Well, I’ve seen the huge masks that people with sleep apnea often wear. Through a sleep study I recently discovered that I have it. That’s why I snore like a banchee. I’m not really sure how loud a banchee snores but it must be pretty loud.

Yesterday I got my sleep Adonis machine and guess what? No Darth Vader mask!! Just an amazingly small device with very small head gear that simply fits in the nostrils. Not only did I fail to snore, I was able to sleep in our master bedroom for the the first time in more than a year!

So, just a nice flow of oxygen all night that really did the job. Heather slept well too because the machine is silent and she is a light sleeper. It’s the best decision I’ve made in years. We finally have a guest room because I am no longer a guest. Sweet! If you snore, I highly recommend it.

It’s not too late to get this family friendly an very funny stand up comedy DVD from Jerry Mabbott!
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