A Six Legged What???

A friend of mine is a poultry farmer and was always trying to breed turkeys with six legs for greater profits. Finally, he did it! I asked, “What about the flavor?” He said, I have no idea. I can’t catch him.”

My daughter, Cecilee is a vegan. I’m really beginning to understand why. They inject cows with who knows what to cause them to produce more milk.

The result? Unhealthy hormones in the milk that you buy in the store and give it to your family. It’s the same with Turkeys and chicken. Loaded with hormones. Many scientists believe this is the reason our children are developing much more rapidly as the years go by.

This picture was taken of range free chickens. Nothing added to them or their food to cause problems with the consumers. Natural turkeys are the same way. I used to work for a home delivery grocery service which sold turkeys and have us one for free every Thanksgiving. 

I found out that my boss didn’t take his free turkey. Instead, he bought expensive turkeys from a local farm because they were raised range free. That was the last time I accepted the free turkey.

It reminds me of a time when I went to my favorite fast food place for a delicious burger and fries. Just after ordering, a pizza delivery guy brought two hot pizzas to the counter. The manager paid the guy and I told her,”I’m not sure I should eat here today.” Here’s a hint. If you work at a restaurant and order take out, have them deliver to the back door!
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