I’m Going To Jail!!!

My daughter hated going to school. One weekend she really went nuts about going back on Monday. I decided to tell her, “Honey, if you don’t go to school Daddy will go to jail”. She paused and then asked, “How long will you be gone”?

I’m really not sure if my kids really liked high school. I know some people like it while others hate it. Some wake up and anxiously await arriving at school, but not everyone. I was one who loved it! Almost everyday. I had, and still have so many wonderful classmates who are great friends and I’m a people person. It was great!

We had our share of bullies. In fact, I was beaten so severely by one that the court sentenced him to two years in the California Youth Authority which was the equivalent of adult prison. I didn’t let that stop me. I was determining to have fun!

How could it not be fun? I think some were just not comfortable around a lot of people and others couldn’t stand the bullying. My wife didn’t like high school until she decided to become popular and did it! Then she liked school.

She is still popular in our state as a successful Comedian. Some people find their way out, others just wait it out until it’s over while others drop out all together. Anyway I look at it, each person is valuable, regardless of their decisions.

I also attended junior high and part of my freshman year at Walnut High in Southern California. I loved it there, too. I got involved in drama, something I feel in love with in 8th grade. Who knew I would spend most of my adult life in show business?

I was so fortunate to meet people there who have become lifetime friends, albeit on Facebook. Whatever the circumstances, I’m thrilled to have them as friends after so many years apart.

Mr. and Miss Senior, yours truly and Debbie Oldham Aulker

I hope you enjoyed school. If not, I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your life! God bless you all!
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