You’re A Phoney!!!

A friend of mine proposed with a large diamond ring. His girl was thrilled until she discovered it was a cubic zirconia. She angrily confronted him and he said, “Honey, I’m Irish. I bought it on St. Patrick’s day so it felt right to get a sham-rock”.

There was no wedding. She dumped him on the spot. It was weird because he didn’t even act like he was disappointed. In fact, he gave the ring to another girl two weeks later. The marriage didn’t last long but at least he got rid of the stupid ring.

I’ve mentioned in another blog about the fact that I’ve worked in jewelry stores. I witnessed cheapskate after cheapskate but a ring with a CZ rather than a diamond. It’s just not right unless she chooses the CZ, which I never saw even once.

Cubic Zirconia

She wants the real deal, not to start off a marriage with deception. The diamond ring is supposed to represent a lifetime of love. Even though most marriages only last half of the time, if you give an imitation ring you’re just guaranteeing to land on the 50% of the bad marriage half.

What if you wanted a Harley Davidson and she bought you a Honda and had it modified to look like a Harley? My guess Is you wouldn’t be very happy. In fact, you would be outraged!

Don’t be cheap on the most cherished piece of jewelry she will ever own. But don’t go overboard either. I once had a girlfriend who told me seriously that she would accept six carots or more. I handed her 7 carrots and said goodbye. I doubt if she ate them.
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3 thoughts on “You’re A Phoney!!!

  1. Feeble excuse 1 on girl discovering it is Cubic Zirconia.
    “But my dear zirconia is a superior thermal insulator to diamond, and I did not want your dear sweet hand to get cold!”
    Annndd duck!!

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      1. I owe it all to 40+ years in the UK civil service and the ever inventive culture of excuses and truth-twisting.😄

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