Stop Bugging Me!!!

A preacher noticed a little boy trying to ring a doorbell but it was just out of his reach. He walked over to help the boy. After he pressed the doorbell, he asked, “Now what?” The boy turned and shouted, “NOW WE RUN!!”

Ah, the things we do as kids. The two brothers closest to my age and I did some pretty crazy things and got in quite a bit of trouble, as well. Still, I would do the same things all over again.

We lived in Eureka, California, a wonderful small town on the north west tip of California, right on the coast, about 300 miles north of San Francisco. The first neighborhood we lived in held some pretty wild kids, just our style.

The two boys who lived next door were named Gerald and JR. Gerald was older and JR was insane. We were constantly getting into trouble with these two guys. The first time I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun was when we went for our very first neighborhood bike ride.

JR led the way and told us he was going to take us on a shortcut. What he didn’t tell us was the “shortcut” turned out to be a place local kids called “Dog Alley”. We barely made it through, all the while hearing JR laughing like crazy. I’m telling you, he was nuts!

Not far from where we lived was a cemetery. The grounds were well kept and beautiful. Gerald and JR told us that they had been permanently kicked off the property because they would ride their bikes there and tear up the grass.

They also told us the caretaker was a crazy old guy who drove a golf cart and carried a rifle and had threatened to shoot them if he caught them in the cemetery again. Next to the cemetery was a pasture, with a couple of horses.

We all decided to go to the horse pasture. JR led the way. At a certain point, we met with a fork in the road. JR told us that one path led to the horse pasture and the other led to the cemetery. I was farthest back. Gerald was just in front of me. JR said we would go to the right, because the left side went to the cemetery.

I didn’t trust JR at all by this time and I saw Gerald veer off to the left as the others went right. I followed Gerald and soon, we were at the horse pasture. Crazy JR had led my older and younger brothers, Jim and Fred, directly into the cemetery!

Gerald and I laughed and were petting the horses when I suddenly remembered the part about the crazy caretaker with the golf cart and the gun! The cemetery was just to our right, through some very tall trees. We heard what sounded like someone running for their life.

We quickly ran and got just far enough under the trees so we could see inside the cemetery. Just then, we saw Jim running as fast as he could down the gravel road to the cemetery exit, being chased by crazed caretaker in the golf cart. We yelled to him and he dove head first under the trees to safety.

But where was Fred? He got caught. Apparently, JR and Jim had climbed a fence to get away after being spotted but as Fred was beginning to climb over, the guy yelled, “Stop!”, and Fred, being scared to death, did.

That was one of the only times that I didn’t get in trouble. I can’t say the same for my brothers, but I can say that we never believed anything that JR ever told us again. That kid was nuts!
See you tomorrow.
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