I’m Such A Jerk!!!

Heather and I were at the mall doing some shopping. She called me to find out where I was. I said, “Do you remember the jewelry store where we saw that beautiful ring that we couldn’t afford?””Yes”, she said lovingly. “Great, I’m at the sports store right next to it.”

I sold jewelry for a couple of years when comedy was slow. Other than the people that I met, one who I still remain in contact with, I hated the job! The hours were nearly unbearable, as was our regional manager. No time off at all from black Friday through New Years Day.

I got quick promotions and I was named store manager at a store which was still under construction. You might think this would have made me happy. Not even close. I saw how he treated store managers and I was very unhappy.

Call it Devine intervention (I do) or whatever, but because of my time spent as a sales and management trainer with Circuit City, I had been recommended for a job with a cellular phone company. 8-5, Monday through Friday, twice the money and an office in Newport Beach. 

I couldn’t believe it was true! I experienced such amazing pleasure out of tossing the store keys to that jerk and saying, “I quit”! He was beside himself. He must have been having an out of body experience because How else could he be beside himself? I felt so free! The jerk offered me more money, but I wanted no part of it.

The next few years were awesome. Then comedy work was plentiful so I went back on the circuit.

The perfect Christmas gift! Laughter!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Such A Jerk!!!

  1. Small store managers (the stores that is) and team leaders (what fun!). A day at work is like a day bashing your head against a wall….nice when it stops

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